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Alice Verlezza, an educator and writer, is available for content writing, virtual assisting, and career counseling. Read her thoughts on navigating this journey and shop in her store of affirmations!

After earning a BS in English Education, Alice was awarded a professional secondary teaching certification in both NC and MA. Alice taught English for over ten years, working collaboratively within her district to refine curriculum content, reinvent delivery practices, and redefine the diversity and inclusion approach to education. Alice attended graduate school at Queen's University, earning a Masters of Sociology. For the last five years, Alice has taught via virtual and live modalities at Fisher College and Dean College. Courses include Race and Gender, Health and Diversity, and Sociology of the Family. Alice's personal areas of research include social identity, family structures, and social narratives.

Alice has also worked in social services as a career resource specialist, advising and assisting both adults and students with work assessments and placements. Alice is currently in the process of earning her Masters in English at Bridgewater State University and a TEFL certification.

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