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After a quick check-in with some of my dearest, it occurs to me that people aren't doing this thing. This small thing that changes the infrastructure of your neuron pathways. This free, effortless thing that teaches your brain to let go of unwanted and intrusive thoughts. This private and personal practice that provides space to be kind to yourself.

All our problems are rooted in the disbelief in self, a self criticism of sorts. We don't trust ourselves. We feel broken, used, burnt out, flawed, and shameful. We don't share in the joys of our life because we're too far down the rabbit hole. We've buried ourselves in self doubt, loathing, and fear. Because we listen to the internal voice of the critical parent, and then, we do what comes naturally. We rebel, suppress, compartmentalize, mask, and conform. We tell ourselves that we have limitations and deserve less. We tell ourselves a story and we disconnect.

Connect with yourself first.


Listen to your body.

What is the universe telling you today?

What do you observe about your physical, mental, and emotional state of being?

Stop reading. Ask yourself.

Affirmation can get you wherever you prefer to be. Call it manifesting. Call it the power of positive thinking. The outcome is a place where you can live in peace right there in your own head. Once you hold that space for yourself, where there's grace and forgiveness, understanding and radical acceptance, you can share it. We've all heard that you can't love another until you love yourself. We can't rely on society to deliver that message. We parent ourselves.

When you're as kind to yourself as you are to others. life gets so much easier.

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