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I can't keep leaving things unsaid.

Amidst the grief of losing an old friend and a wonder of this world, I've made some realizations about the temporary and multidimensional nature of the universe. I'm not saying I figured out the meaning of life and everything (42, obviously), but I've definitely assigned some meaning to this loss. And so, I hope you're out there and you can hear me. And for all those who are here and reading this now...I hope you can hear me, too.

To those I love:

Loss brings into perspective the wonderful things I know about you and myself.

I carry you with me.

In knowing you, I've thrived and felt joy.

You were my biggest fans, my mentors, and my big rocks. You were my teachers and my confidantes. You were encouraging and life affirming. You embraced my weird and sat right down next to me to laugh and cry and act. You demonstrated thousands of ways to express the love and gratitude I feel for my little village. You made yourself vulnerable and you trusted me to hold space for you. You offered your comfort and advice and relatable experiences and made me feel less alone in the world.

I am forever grateful for all your gifts.

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