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There's a place for us.

When we're deciding on a career as a child, we are motivated by our sense of wonder and fascination. We want to be firefighters and veterinarians and superheroes. As we get older, we imagine that there are barriers to entry that we cannot overcome and adjust our expectations. We concentrate on salary and hours and whether or not we can provide good work for adequate pay. Millenials and Generation Z have a particular struggle when it comes to finding careers, due to the changing work requirements and environments. We are told that there will be ample opportunity upon graduation. What we come to realize is that the job search is work itself, and there are considerable strategies that we can use to finding the right fit.

The first step toward finding a rewarding and appropriate career is taking an inventory of yourself. By identifying ones interests, strengths, talents, and skills, you can find a niche that will suit your needs and offer you a rewarding and progressive experience. As a career coach, I hope to provide you with opportunties to explore your identity, embrace your strengths, and accomodate your limitations. There are limiting beliefs that might hinder your success at finding the right job. In the first place, we have an old fashioned approach to work in a world that is changing and moving toward a new algorithm. Most people assume that to get a job, they must start at the bottom. Some think the only options are restaurant staff and retail customer service positions, but there's so much more out there. Let me help you break out of those limiting beliefs and introduce you to some positions that might be more suited to the kind of work you want to do. Let me show you how to harness the power of job boards and make the most impact in your search. Whether you want to sell services online, participate in legislature, or simply help people, there are chances for you to live a comfortable lifestyle, find work/life balance, and get satisfaction out of your contribution.

As an educator, a coach, and a mother, I concentrate on working with people who are looking to change their career, start something new, and make space for the more satisfying elements of the workforce. I am well researched in the various ways you can find and secure a position. I provide online coaching for interviews, revision and editing for your resume and cover letter, and lessons on the soft skills that will make you a more viable candidate for the role you desire. Check out my Fiverr profile for available services today and reach out if you have questions.

I'm here to help.

Go ahead, ask Alice.

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